Craigslist Video Training 1

With Instant Money Network your main goal is to generate leads that eventually covert into sign-ups. As you have learned in your training, generating leads requires pushing traffic to your Instant Money Network capture page. There are multiple ways to drive tons of traffic but one of the best ways in our opinion is advertising on Craigslist. Millions of people use Craigslist on a daily basis and if you can just capture 0.001% of that traffic daily you can make some serious money. Of course the way to do this is to stay consistent with your ad postings but there is certain roadblocks that you will have to over come. One of those road blocks happen to be your ads not going live or what is better known by the term "ghosting". Craigslist is known to "ghost" people's ads on a regular basis and it can be quite frustrating to you when you are first starting out with IMN. On the lighter side, there is a very good reason why Craigslist ghosts so many people's ads. The Reason behind Craigslist's ghosting practice is because you have a lot of amateur internet marketers out there that believe spamming increases their conversions, in our opinion it doesn't but discuss that another time.

Above is a 30 minute training course hosted by our friend Dan detailing what exactly ghosting is, why it happens and ways around it. It would be a good idea to to take notes during the training and after the training you should go to Craigslist and apply would you have learned from the video. 

There is really no way to absolutely stop all your ads from getting ghosted but this training will definitely help you drastically minimize your risks of most of your ads not going live or "sticking" on Craigslist.

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