Basics: Downline Earnings

There are many CPA freebie sites out there and most usually have the same features, refer someone, have them complete their credit requirements and then request your payout. Instant Rewards is the only one to date to offer an extra incentive to motivate and train your referrals to get as many sign ups and completions that they can. This feature is called Your Downline Earnings.

The link to Your Downline Earnings breakdown will look like the illustration above

How Your Downline Earnings Work:
When you sign someone up and they complete their offer requirements, they can now go sign someone else up and have them complete the 1.00 credit requirement. Once that is done and they have placed their order and received the payout you will be credited 5% of their total earnings. These earnings are two levels down meaning that not only do you get paid off of your referrals that sign up and complete but you also get paid off of the referrals of your referrals that complete!

Downline Message

This is how most if not all MLM programs function but as Instant Rewards is a CPA program and not a MLM, Your Downline is not the main focal point of your earnings but just an extra incentive to help your referrals understand and generate money of their own.

Break Down of Your Downline Earnings Section:
Lets take a quick look at Your Downline Earnings section and go over what everything means. Log into your Instant Reward account and click on the “Your Downline Earnings Here” link under the status bar. You should see your downline earnings report as shown below:

Earnings Report

Total Paid Downline Earnings: Is the total amount of downline money paid out to you during your lifetime with Instant Rewards.

Total Un-Paid Downline Earnings: Is the total amount of downline money that you will receive the next time you place an order and you are payed out.

Level: Will either be a level one or a level two. Level one is a referral that has signed up and has completed their offer requirements under you. Level two will be a referral that has completed under one of your referrals.

User: Is your downline’s email address. These are partially blocked out because we do not want people spamming their second level downline’s inbox with other opportunities.

Site: Is the site that the level one or Level two has completed and determines how much of a downline bonus you have earned. We will discuss how much each individual site’s downline pays out later on below.

Earned: Is how much money you have earned from that particular downline on that particular site

Status: Will either be PAID or NOT PAID. A PAID status means you have been payed out on that downline earned. A NOT PAID status means you have not collected on that downline and those earnings will be included in your next pay out.

Downline Payouts for Each Site:
Each site pays out a different amount of money for downline earnings. Here is the exact amount of what each site’s downline earns you per referral.(Note:Level one and Level two pays out the same)– $.50– $1.00
(Easy.instant and Fast.instant pays the same as Starter)– $2.00– $2.50– $3.50– $4.00$5.00$6.00

There are other sites in the network but are not frequented as much as the ones above.
If you have any questions about those sites or the basics of Your Downline Earnings feel free to contact:

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