Facebook Marketing 101

Finding a good place to showcase your business opportunity,links and capture pages for free in the online world is a dream for everyone – Facebook has made this a reality. With half a billion Facebook users and thousands of online communities to choose from, Facebook has brought potential sign ups much closer to you.
It’s no big secret that Facebook can help you in online marketing. However, I know there are many of you who believe that just registering on Facebook is enough… it’s not. Your Facebook success story ends before it even begins!

There is much more to marketing on Facebook than just creating a profile. Keeping your fans engaged is the key. Don’t be a brand, but be a community they love being a part of. In this training I’m going to show you how you can use the medium of Facebook to increase your leads as well as converting them into sign ups!

Creating a Presence on Facebook

1. Facebook Profile:
By creating a profile for yourself and your business, you are establishing your identity.
This will take you a long way in developing relationships with fellow users and in positioning your pitch.
Your profile lets you interact with people on a personal level, more so if you add people in your niche(marketing).

Here are some aspects of a profile page:

Profile picture: In order to be taken serious by prospects it is a good Idea to upload a profile picture of you
in Business attire. They see you as being a business person and are more likely to listen if you are proposing some sort of business opportunity to them.

Add Friends: After creating a profile, don’t wait for things to happen.
Add new friends every day and the word will spread that you’re on Facebook.
Before you know it, you’ll be starting your day by accepting friend requests!
However, make sure you don’t add more than 25 – 30 people a day as excessive adding can get your profile removed from Facebook.

Wall: This is your main platform to interact with Facebook users.
Post messages on your wall and also comment on members’ activities, though, only when relevant.
A cafe once commented on my status when it was something about food. And there! A personal connection was built in a second!
I knew that I was going to visit this place more often. However, make sure you don’t spam people every other day or they may remove you from their friend list.

Photo Albums and Videos: Photos and videos are a great way to showcase your business opportunity.
The first thing most Facebook users check are photo updates. So screencap your earnings no matter how small and post them as much as possible.

2. Fan Pages:
Facebook Pages, known as Fan Pages, are designed for businesses, brands, companies, products and celebrities. It enables public figures, organizations and other entities to create an authentic and public presence on Facebook. You can encourage users to become fans of your page and share information with them by uploading pictures, videos, status updates, hosting discussions and displaying wall posts. Unlike Facebook Profiles, Pages are visible to everyone on the internet and are generally better for long-term relationships with prospective leads and sign ups.

3. Groups:
Facebook Groups allow people to come together around a common cause or activity to create a dialogue.
One of the best features of groups is the ability to send messages directly to member’s Facebook inboxes.
It’s a great way to form a community and help your business opportunity grow.Nowadays, it’s almost a necessity for movies to establish their presence on Facebook during its post-release period as Facebook users look for movies here. The good thing here is that you can send bulk invites to your friends, while it is manually done on Pages. Groups are generally better for hosting quick active discussions and attracting attention.

4. Events:
Simply put, Facebook Events can help you connect with your target audience and invite them for your events, even if they aren’t on your friend list or one of your fans. Events can be created individually or even from Profiles Pages. This is good if you want to offer the people in your niche free webinars to anything from motivation sessions, success stories and our personal favorite, Training.

Now lets get into some marketing with Facebook!!!

In 2010 Social Media Marketing was still in its infancy. Now it is 2012 and you cannot go on any social network site without seeing someone marketing something. With that said I still believe it is room for experimenting with different methods of marketing on Social Media sites. However, if you don’t want to experiment, here are some tried and tested methods that will ensure success:

Be Unique and Keep Updating:
There’s nothing more boring than blank Facebook pages with little to no updates.
Make sure to add lots of personality and fun to your profile but always keep it professional.
Offer something every hour or so that is beneficial to people you are trying to target so that they keep coming back instead of letting them wait for updates from you. Always try to get people involved by asking a question that will most likely start a discussion.

Use a Big Profile Picture:
Who says size doesn’t matter? Using a big profile picture is one of the best ways to brand your Facebook page. Facebook allows images of up to 200pix wide x 600pix high to be used as profile images Pages. This way, you stand out in a crowd. You want people to be surfing and stumble upon your profile and hopefully add you as a friend.

Tag Friends in Photos:
You can tag your friends in pictures of payouts from any programs you are marketing, or even ask them to tag themselves as a part of contest. Tagging is great because when you tag someone or they tag themselves on one of your photos it appears on their wall and now all their friends can see it in their timeline. This will attract more people to your business opportunity.

Actively Participate Outside Your Page:
Find other Facebook pages or groups related to your niche or target market using Facebook Search & start actively commenting on their posts & updates. This is a great way to build relationships with prospective leads and also people in your our industry.
The key to this type of marketing is you need to be willing to offer free advice on communities and discussions, it will encourage people to check your Facebook page or website out.

Don’t Just Write for an Audience of Teenagers:
It’s time that we free ourselves of this misconception. Facebook isn’t just filled with teenagers. Though Facebook has many youngsters who belong to the age group 16 to 25, we see an increase in the number of people from other age groups who use Facebook regularly. According to Pingdom, 61% of Facebook users are over 35 years old. In fact, the 26 – 34 age group rivals the 18 – 25 age group in both the US and the UK. So do not worry about if your target market is on Facebook because literally they are!

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