In our opinion GetResponse is the best autoresponder out there right now. We have been using it to send messages to all our agents and the response has been great! What we really like about Getresponse is their email creator. Instead of sending out responses in normal boring text. You are able to use their beautiful pre-made email templates and shape and shift them to create an unique email autoresponse for your leads and/or referrals.


The email creator from GetResponse allows you fully customize the fields within the template that you choose. You can add image and text blocks, social network tabs that open the possibility of leads sharing your emails with their friends and much more!

Below you can see a sample email template that we created with GetResponse:


When you are done creating your autoresponse email you also have the feature to Spam Score your message. What this does is show you how likely it is that your email might be considered spam by the main email service providers. If the feature returns a score higher then 5.0, the service will not let you send that message, which is a great thing because it saves time.

Other Great Features:

GetResponse has so many features to create a high converting autoresponse campaign. You can time your responses to be sent out automatically or you can set them to be sent out at certain times of the day. You also can set the deliveries to coincide with certain time zones. For example: If you have leads that stay in California and you are located in New York, you can select the option to send out your follow up email responses at 9 am pacific time just for those leads! Another feature that we like is the detailed analytics. You can see if your autoresponses are effective or not by simply looking at that stats. You can see how many people opened your email, did they click any links you including in your email, how many shared your email with their social network, the number of people who unsubscribes, if you received any spam complaints and much more! You can also split test your responses to see which ones are more effective.

If you are serious about your marketing and want professional, business like looking autoresponses, you should seriously consider taking a look at GetResponse as a service. It is affordable for any budget and it can actually pay for itself within days.

Here is a video that gives you a tour of all the features GetResponse has.(If you cannot see the video refresh your browser)

Instant Money Network has an option in your back office that allows you to easily implement Aweber and Getresponse by simply putting in your campaign name. When people opt in to your page, GetResponse will handle the autoresponses instead of our default autoresponder.

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