General Rules for Placing Ads to Generate Leads.

You don’t have to have a degree in advertising to write your own Ad but you do need to apply some common sense.

Here are a few guidelines you should consider when placing ads on Craigslist.

1. The purpose of the ad is to draw the reader’s attention.

2. Don’t reveal everything in the ad because you want prospective leads to look for more info which means clicking on your link.

3. When placing your ad there are some important things to always consider:

(a) Do not always use your main capture page link so isn’t traced and eventually blocked from Craigslist.

What you want to do is set up a redirect Using a domain that you can throw away at anytime.

The best way to do this is to purchase a domain name that you can post on your ads which once it is clicked will redirect them to your real link.

What I would do personally is buy a cheap .com domain from GoDaddy and then put this url in a image ad

Make sure you make the image clickable and not the url.

(b) You might want to purchase a few domains from

GoDaddy so you can rotate them with every ad that you place.

The longer the ads and domains are active the more money you make.

The more money you make, the better.

Where to Place Ads:

Once you are happy with your ad you will then need to develop a good understanding of what category to place the ad in.

There are many job categories but with the vague ad that we drafted above your best choice would be in the “sales” section.

The type of people who enjoy sales jobs are great leads for any business oppurtunity so it is a good idea to target them first.

In fact from our experience,

whenever you are using this particular method and posting in the sales category it usually brings in the biggest returns.

Please note: When you first start out this is something that will be a trial and error process so you will need to test different sections to see what works best for you.

The Hard Truth

It should be common knowledge to you that earning money in Internet marketing doesn’t end with just designing an ad and analyzing what sections it should be posted in.
If you are under the impression that you are just going to be able to do a one
time posting of a set of ads then you should not be in the marketing business.
You need to be really diligent about posting as many ads as you possibly can.
This is going to generate your pay check so you need be consistent to generate a set amount of leads a per day. Really all you need to do is attract 20 leads a day to be successful but of course the more leads the better. Try setting a goal of how many leads you want to generate and then always set the bar higher each day to challenge yourself.
It all comes down to one very simple premise.
The more people that see your ad the more people you are going to attract.
This means the more ads you post the more people you are going to contact and the more you contact the more you will convert.
Internet marketing is a numbers game.
Let this be your driving goal!

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