Tracking your Craigslist ads.

Tracking Your Craigslist Ads to Analyze Which Ads Convert the Best

This lesson will teach you how to track and analyze the Craigslist ads that you are posting.

It is important that you know which Classified ads convert and which ones do not so you don’t waste your time. is a site that tracks your Craigslist post and allows you to see who is visiting your ads, what time of day and from where.

This information can be valuable because you can observe if your ads are being viewed, what time of day they are being viewed and who is actually viewing the ads.

These factors are vital if you want to be successful with posting high converting ads on Craigslist.

Knowing that your ads are actually being viewed lets you know that the ad is effective and was worth your time posting.

When you are aware of what time of day that your ads are being viewed it gives you insight on the best time of day you should be placing ads and also having knowledge on who is clicking your ads gives you the advantage of being able to target cities that bring in the most traffic for your niche.

Lets Get Started.

1. Go to and create a new ad post.

2. Construct your ad ( We strongly advise image ads)

3. Pull up in another window.

4. Click “Link tracking.

sorry the image is down

5. Fill in the fields below:

Tracker title should be something that describes where you are posting your ad.
Link text(or image code) will be anything because we will be deleting that later.
Destination Url will be your capture or landing page.
Tracking Level will be Impression+clicks
Tracker Group and Expiration date does not apply at this time.

Now click generate code.

6. Copy the HTML code.

7. Paste this code under your ad text of your Craigslist post.

8. Delete whatever is in between “>delete what is here< /a>“ in the top line of the image code.

9.Submit your ad.

10. Track the performance of your ad by clicking trackers

Check your trackers periodically to see how your ads are doing.
The data will give you an insight on what ads work and which ones dont.
Construct your Craigslist posting strategy around this data and you will see more conversions.

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