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    Introduction to Forum Marketing

    Forum marketing is a powerful tool that imnmarketer.com strongly recommends you use to generate tons of leads and referrals.

    This type of marketing is so benificial because forums/messageboards are like communities with a wide range of different types of people who vary in age, interest and demographics.

    If you can find a forum with a large membership and a variety of topics that are recent with new replies being posted constantly then you have found a new place to market your business and what makes that even better is there are thousands of them with Each and every one being different with different members with different interests.

    To be able to use forum marketing effectively you will have know how
    forums work in general.

    You can not just join a community and immediately start soliciting people
    with your business proposal.

    You have to dive head first into the community and participate in the
    discussions and contribute useful information that fits the niche of that forum.

    Imnmarketer.com recommends that you choose forums that you would have already been interested in and start posting or making topics that are relative to that type of forum.

    A fast and easier way to market using forums would be to already be apart of a few. If you have been active in those forums for some time you can actually start soliciting to other members immediately because they are familiar with you and inturn some will trust you and give your business a chance.

    Do not..I repeat DO NOT spam.
    No one likes spam and you will either be ignored or banned no matter how long you have been a member of that particular forum.

    We recommend that you simply create a thread in the correct section(networking/business if they have one)introducing people to a new business oppurtunity. Keep your post light and simple and be able to answer any question that members have about your business.

    An extra marketing trick that will get more people interested is proof. If you can show proof of your profits then people will want to know more and will inquire on how they can get started.

    another marketing trick that works on forums is putting your links in your signature.
    You can put a short, simple and to the point text ad in your signature. An example of this is something like:

    “Make $100 a day from your computer.”

    Make sure the ad is clickable and directs them to your IMN capture page or any other landing page.
    This is form of free advertisement that is very powerfull and effective because everytime you post in a thread
    (try posting in highly active threads)your ad will be visible exposing your business to a lot of different people.
    Remember the more you can post in forums and share your knowledge the more visible you will be.
    You have to be very active in the forums to see results.
    You can not just post one time and expect to generate leads.
    Your sig is advertising so the more threads you reply in the better chance of someone noticing and clicking your ad(sig)

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