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  • Generating Leads

    Generating, Following up and Closing Leads are the backbone of any business!

    A Lead in the marketing context is a potential sales contact that has the interest and authority to purchase a product or service.

    Here we will discuss the steps of:

    1.Generating leads.
    2.Following up on leads.
    3 Closing leads.

    1.Generating Leads.

    There are multiple techniques for generating leads.

    In our opinion, advertising and word of mouth are two of the strongest ways at acheiving this.

    In this case, advertisement is made easy because of the Instant Money Network capture page that we supply.

    If you have not set up a capture page yet click here

    lets start with generating leads using the personal link to your capture page that you created above.

    For this example we will be placing an ad on craigslist.

    Try creating an ad that will spark interest and is very descriptive to gain maximum exposure to this business oppurtunity.

    If you are having trouble creating a creative ad please feel free to use one of our tempelates here

    If you have placed your creative ad in the right city and section on craigslist, you will immediatly start receiving

    emails from our capture page system informing you that someone has opted-in to recieve more information about Instant Money Network.

    These are what we call Leads.

    As you can see above this lead has left you his/her name,phone number,and email for you to contact them with more information about the program.

    The more leads the better, so always experiment with creating ads that attract people and post them regularly.

    2.Following up on Leads.
    Above we discussed one way to generate leads by placing free classified ads on craigslist.

    Here we will go into how to follow up on these leads that you have generated.

    Keep in mind that these people have volenteered their contact information willingly to learn more about what you have to offer so do

    not feel that you are cold contacting or bothering them.

    With the lead’s contact information you have the option of Calling them, texting them or sending an email.

    The best results are usually from calling because it is more personal and people like to interact with a real person.

    Before calling a lead it is good idea to give the person some time to go over the information on the capture page so they can get a feel of what you have to offer.

    The time between the lead coming into capture page system to you calling them should be at the least 10 minutes and never exceed a couple hours.

    People have short attention spans and will forget that they opted in to recieve more information from you,

    so you want to call when it is fresh in their minds.

    When you call a prospective you should always have a calm and proffessional voice.

    Do not sound robotic like you are reading a script off of a piece of paper.

    It is always good to study the program so you can know what you are talking about at all times.

    After giving the lead the information that they requested they will let you know if they are still interested or not.

    If they are GREAT! If they are not don’t worry about it, it is not the end of the world.

    Politely thank them for their time and move on to the next lead.

    3.Closing Leads
    After following up leads the ultimate goal is to close them.

    Closing simply means converting that lead into a sign up.

    There is no exact way to close a lead but here are some pointers you can help.

    Know the program that you are marketing inside out so you are more comfortable when you are courting a lead.

    If you are fumbling over information when the lead is inquiring about the program then that particular lead will most likely not

    convert because you sound unsure of your self. Confidence is the key!

    Do not convince!

    Imnmarketer.com does not advise you to convince people to join the program.

    Simply give them the factual information and let them decide on thier own.

    Trying too hard to convince a lead to join the program will make you seem desperate.

    If they need more time to research and think about it, that is fine.

    Just schedule another time to contact them and make sure you follow up at the time scheduled.

    Persistence. Most people will need some time to research and think so most likely they will ask you to contact them later.

    Make sure that they give you a specific time to call,text or email them back.

    To show that you are serious always contact them exactly at the time they provided.

    If they are unavailable, leave them a message to call you back.

    We will be regularly updating this sections so make sure you bookmark this page
    For any questions regarding what was discussed feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions.


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