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  • Missing Credits

    You have probably made your way here because you did an offer and did not receive a credit for it.
    In this lesson we will show you how to make sure you receive your credits for every offer that you complete.
    We will also show you the correct way to fill out and submit a missing credit request(mcr).

    How to Always Receive your Credits.

    One of the main reasons that people do not receive their credits from an offer is because they are using the wrong browser. There are many browsers out there to surf the internet but the optimum one to use when doing offers is Mozilla Firefox. From our experience when using Firefox the offers that were completed credited 9 out 10 times. When doing offers with Google Chrome or Internet Explorer we were not so lucky and had to fill out multiple missing credit request almost every time.

    Download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox here
    Once you have downloaded Firefox you should be good to go with completing offers and receiving your credits accordingly.

    A few things to remember:

    Do not add on a pop up blocker, if you do make sure it is disabled when doing your offers.

    Check and make sure that your Firefox browser is enabled to accept cookies.

    If you do not know how to do that learn here.

    Filling a Missing Credit Request
    Sometimes even when you use Firefox you will not get credited for an offer that you have completed. This can be caused by the company’s crediting system or something else that was not in your control.

    Here we will walk you through the correct way to fill out a Missing Credit Requests.
    For this example we will be using Gmail because that is what most internet marketers are using at the present time.

    First thing you will need to do is locate the welcome email from the company of the offer that you did not receive a credit for.

    Open the email and locate the reply tab at the top right hand corner of the email.

    To the right of that will be the “more” tab.

    Click that and scroll down to “Show original”.

    This will open up another window with the Html code to the welcome email.

    This is what we call a Full Header and is always needed when you are submitting a missing credit request.

    Click inside the window anywhere and then press CTRL+A.

    This will highlight all of the Html code.

    Once that is all highlighted press CTRL+C.

    This will copy everything that we highlighted.

    Now you can now log into your Instant Rewards account and proceed to the support tab at the top of the screen.

    Once you are on the support page scroll down until you see “Click Here to Submit a Missing Credit Request”.

    Click that and begin to fill out the Missing Credit Request.

    Choose the offer that didn’t credit in the pull down menu.

    Choose the exact date that you completed it in the Date completed field.

    Click inside the Confirmation email field and press CTRL+V.

    This will paste the full header that we copied earlier.

    You can also include other details if you like in the other details fields(optional).

    Click submit and you are done!

    Instant Rewards will process your request and will manually credit you.

    Note: It may take Instant Rewards up to 24 hours to process your request.

    This will conclude your training on lowering the possibility of not receiving credits from completed offers and the correct way to submit a missing credit request. We only used Gmail as an example this time but feel free to email us at Newbies@instantmoneynetwork.com for information on how to grab full headers for other email accounts.

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