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  • Basics: Instant Rewards

    In this section we will show you the basics of your
    Instant Rewards account’s features and functions.

    Now if you are reading this you should already have an Instant Rewards account but if not please click here

    Lets begin by logging into:
    (Please bookmark this page for quick access in the future.)

    Once logged in take a look at your Instant Rewards navigation bar at the top:

    Status– Clicking this tab will always bring you back to the home page.

    Profile– Here you can edit personal information like password, address and phone number.You also can change your paypal address, opt out of mass emails and set up your notifications.

    Prizes– Within the prizes tab you can choose or change your form of payment.
    There are three ways that you can receive your payouts from Instant Rewards.

    1.Paypal: If you choose this option make sure your Paypal address is correct by clicking the profile tab. Double check that you have put in the right email associated with Your Paypal account.

    2.Bank Check: This is an option to receive your payments via bank check.
    Checks will be sent to the address that you have on Profile. Expected delivery time is 3 to 5 business days. US Residents Only.

    3.Custom Order: Instant Rewards offers an option where you can pick anything that you want as a payout. Send a support ticket stating the item that you would like to receive and they will respond with the details on how many referrals you will need to complete in order in order to receive that particular item.

    Offers– If you are reading this I assume that you have already completed your offer requirements. If not please refer to our Quick Start Guide.

    Order– Instant Rewards does not automatically deposit money into your Paypal/Bank account. When you have a referral that has met their offer requirements click this tab and place an order for your payout.

    Support– Whenever you have a problem with your account or you have to submit an MCR click this tab. Support tickets are usually answered back within 24 hours of the submission.

    FAQ– Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

    Our Network– This tab is a quick way to get to your upgrades withing the Instant Rewards network.

    * * *

    Now that you are familiar with the basics of your Instant Rewards page stay tuned for more advanced lessons on:

    How the Instant Rewards downline program works
    How to transfer offers over to an upgrade site.
    Reading and understanding your status page.

    For any questions regarding Basics: Instant Rewards feel free to contact us at:

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