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  • Basics: Tools Checklist

    Here are some basic tools that you will need to start marketing.
    Go down the checklist and make sure that you have every tool.


    1. A Dedicated Gmail account.

    When you are internet marketing it is always a good idea to set up a dedicated email account for each

    program that you partake in.

    The reason we say this is because you always want to be organized.

    In our business being organized will save you a lot of time and headache.

    Another reason why you should set up dedicated emails is because you do not want to mix personal emails with business leads.

    I cannot tell you how many leads that was looked over because the notification was lost in a stack of emails from my personal life.

    If you haven't created a dedicated email yet,

    start here by setting up a Gmail account.

    The reason why we suggest using Gmail is because it is percieved more professional then

    other email services like Yahoo, Hotmail or Aol.

    Another reason why we endorse Gmail is because of the Google Talk and Voice functions they have

    available for FREE when you create an account.

    These functions are important for many reasons.

    Google Talk is an instant message chat client that is integrated right into your Gmail.

    When you log in to check your notifications Google talk will automatically load and you will have

    instant access to your leads or contacts.

    It is also a powerful marketing tool because when you receive a lead most likely they are using Gmail too,

    so you have the option to add them as a friend in Google talk and contact them instantly.

    The other function is Google voice.

    Remember what we stated above about having a dedicated email for any programs that you are in?

    Well it is also a good idea to have a dedicated phone line

    and that's what Google voice offers for FREE when you have a Gmail account.

    2. Dedicated Google Voice Phone Line

    Having a dedicated phone line is important because you do not want everyone

    on the internet calling your personal number.

    Google Voice allows you to choose a local number in any state of the United States and forward calls

    to the number straight to your home or cell phone.

    The first step is to make sure you are logged into your Gmail account.

    Then set up your Google voice number here.

    If you need help setting up Google voice please refer to this tutorial

    You can also connect an 800 number to your Google Voice number to appear more proffessional and generate tons of leads from your ads, check out our special 30 days FREE offer on 800 numbers here.

    3. Personalized Domain Name.

    Having a personalized domain name can make a big difference in your internet marketing success.

    Most affiliate and CPA programs do offer free capture pages

    but the domain name is always the same except for your affiliate id# or username at the tail end of the url.

    So basically you are sharing a domain name with thousands of other people who are also marketing

    the same program.

    We strongly suggest that you purchase a domain name and forward/mask it to your landing pages

    to make it more unique.

    We understand you are just starting out as an internet marketer and do not have a big budget for marketing

    so we recommend that to start you purchase a domain name for as low as $3 from Godaddy

    If you need help forwarding and masking your new domain new feel free to contact us at:


    4. Dedicated Youtube Channel(optional)

    Having a dedicated Youtube channel can drive significant traffic to your landing or capture page.

    In able to do this your channel will have to fit the niche of the program you are trying to market.

    If your are marketing IMN or any other CPA programs you should focus your channel on just that and

    nothing else to drive the target traffic that you will need for conversions.

    It would be a total waste of time to upload videos of kittens if your are trying to market CPA/incentive offers.

    The best way to drive targeted traffic to your page will be to create videos explaining the program you are marketing.

    Also create tutorials on tips, tricks and the basics on how to make money with the program.

    If you created a dedicated Gmail account like we advised above all you have to do is go to Youtube while you are logged into that account and you will already have a channel that you customize.

    If not please click here

    For any questions regarding the Basic Checklist feel free to contact us at:


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