Sample Image Ads

Posting attention grabbing image ads is a great way to generate tons of leads from classified sites. You can easily create your own using snagit or you can use the ones we have provided you below. These images ads can be used as clickable jpegs that will direct potential leads to your capture pages or can be used as regular jpegs with contact info in the text above/below the ad. To learn how to make your image ads clickable click here For sample text ads to go with your image ads click here

Our sample image ads are FREE to use and you are free to edit them using any image editing software of your choice. If want us to edit our ads to make them unique to you, example: your name, business number, link etc.. We can edit the images to personalize your ad to better suite you for $10 for two ads of your choice. Simply send your payment via PayPal as a personal payment to and put the details of your order in the "email to recipient" field.

Your order will be placed in queue after payment is received and will be delivered to your email in jpeg format within 24 hours.

If you would like a text file with your image ads encoded in html that can you simply copy and paste in craigslist making your image clickable redirecting potential leads to your capture page please add on another $2 to your order and include your capture page link in the order details.

For any question regarding customized image ads feel free to contact us:

To save images, right click on your mouse and  "save image as"

Sample Image Ads

Everyone is on Facebook these days so why not market your business opportunity in front on millions of people. Here are some image ads for you to use on your Facebook timeline to generate interest from your target market. We crafted these specific images to catch eyes and to not appear as spam like most other marketing materials that most use. Facebook marketing should be subtle and not forced and these image ads can bring in tons of leads without you having to spam people or cross promote in Facebook groups that are not relative to our industry. Enjoy the ads and please share with your referrals.

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