Basics: Common Mistakes


Welcome to Internet Marketing

Since you are here reading this we are going assume that you are new to Instant Money Network and most likely new to internet marketing all together. Well first we would like to welcome you to a new exciting world that can possible change your life and earn income that you couldn’t possibly believe. That sounded great right? I am sure it did but you have to be careful by not setting your expectations too high when you are first starting off and develop the understanding that this is not a get rich overnight industry. In order to succeed you will have to do a lot of research, learn the basics of marketing methods, apply them and be consistent. If you have plans of making  this type of work your full time income, you will have to treat it as such. We will go over some common mistakes that many beginners make and most often then not will cause them to quit before they even get started making decent money.

Common Mistakes

The Get Rich Quick Mentality  in our opinion is the number one common mistake made by people coming into Instant Money Network and internet marketing. Yes this is a great opportunity and we have people making hundreds and even thousands of a dollars a day, but that is only because they are applying themselves and remaining consistent on a day to day basis. Despite what the over hyped pitch man that claims he makes 10k a week says, making real money online requires a consistent effort over an extended period of time. If you research anyone who has made a significant amount of money, you will learn that 99% of them did it through plain old fashioned hard work. The reality is that Internet marketing is, in the end, a business, and behind any profitable business there are hours upon hours of honest effort. Now we can all agree that having the right sponsor can drastically cut down the time it takes to start earning decent money, but the reality is you should never completely depend on anyone else and success is ultimately up to you. The Truth is that with Instant Money Network “get rich quick” does not exist.

The Lack of Focus –  is a big mistake that affects most people that are trying to make money online. It is one of the only mistakes that we do understand because there are so many ways to make money in this industry that it can be very difficult to focus on just one. When you finally do choose one way to make money you are then bombarded with the many different methods you can apply, and often, we get sucked in to trying new things, constantly moving from one thing to the next. Unfortunately, a lack of focus is going to not only severely slow down your productivity, but you are also going to end up wasting a lot of time. We recommend that you use one method that makes sense and follow it through to the best of your ability. Give it a solid week of effort at a minimum and see if it worth the time you are putting in. If you’re seeing some good return on your efforts, keep pressing forward and even scale up if you are able. If nothing significant is happening, then and only then should you consider a new approach

Giving Up is the final and in our opinion the worst mistake that people can make. Let us point out the most common thing keeping people from Instant Money Network success is giving up too early. We’ve  discussed that success in online marketing  and in life demands a real effort over an extended period of time. Along the way, you will reach a “turning point” in your business – when things really start coming together and you are beginning to reap the benefits. However, before that happens, it will appear that nothing is happening, and unfortunately, many people mistake this for failure and decide to throw in the towel.

The truth is that Internet marketing works if you work it, and in order for it to work, you need to keep working until you reach the turning point. Stop prematurely and you’ll never know if your plan worked or not.

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