Basics: Offers Guide

The basis of our business is having people try out products and services from fortune 500 companies that advertise with us. Knowing as much as possible about the offers is definitely a plus when you are assisting a referral with the sign up process. Some people do not pay attention to the details or fine print of offers causing them to be charged for products or services they did not like or simply do not want anymore. There are a few details that a referral should know about any offer that they try. They should know cost, the trial period, and the number or link to cancel the offer if they choose not to keep it.

Here is a comprehensive guide about all the offers on Instant Rewards.

If you are new to IMN take a minute to look over this guide to help you with any details you may need with any of the offers. It will also be a good idea to share this material with your own referrals when they are completing their 1.00 credit requirements so they can be aware of certain details that they may have overlooked.

Quick Start GuideDownload The Trial Offers Guide.
Right click the link and “save link as” to download

Note: Some offers that appear on this list may not be available at certain times because they come and go quite frequently due to these companies marketing budgets. As new offers come in we will be updating this list so make sure you bookmark and check back periodically.

If any of the details are wrong please let us know by emailing

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