What is Outsourcing?

To keep it simple, outsourcing is contracting someone else to complete tasks that you either don't know how to do, do not want to do, or need done more efficiently and faster in order to raise your productivity. Almost every business outsources in some form or fashion. Typically, the tasks being outsourced are considered menial and can be done by almost anyone. In our business of internet marketing there are tasks that need to be done quite often if not daily. A perfect example is creating and posting classified ads to generate leads. Yes you can do this yourself but wouldn't it be great if you could have someone else to do this for you to free up some valuable time that can be used for other tasks?

Outsourcing sounds Good but Does it Cost Money?

Outsourcing does cost money but with our form of business not as much as you would think. Internet Marketing is nothing more then doing repetitive small task with one goal in mind, generating traffic. Writing text ads, creating image ads, placing classified ads, posting on facebook etc. are task that can all be outsourced for a very small amount of money. You can pay someone to post 10 classified ads in 10 different cities for around $5. Not only does that make business sense because you will most likely see a return on that small investment but it also gives your more time to get other tasks done within your marketing campaign.

Where Can I Find People for My Outsourcing Task? 

There are plenty of places online where you can find people to do just about anything you need for little to nothing. One place we would recommend you start is fiverr. Fiverr is a outsourcing website where people advertise micro-jobs that they will do for only $5. This is a great place for you to start getting your feet wet in outsourcing. First task you should probably outsource is Craigslist posting in multiple cities. Another place we recommend you taking a look at is Odesk. Odesk is similar to fiverr but instead of looking through advertisements from people posting what they will do, you can actually post ads yourself of what you are looking for someone to do for you. People see what you are looking for and start bidding for that particular job. Another great feature of Odesk is you can interview people before you hire them for your task. Fiverr and Odesk are just two of the many sites you can use for outsourcing, we will supply you with a list of more outsourcing sites at the end of this training article. 

The Basics Steps to Outsourcing

We are going to assume you are reading this training article because you are new to outsourcing or maybe new to internet marketing overall . It can be overwhelming at first but if you organize your basic marketing tasks and figure out which ones you can outsource it will be smooth sailing from there. The outsourcing process generally goes as follows:Post a description of the tasks you need done on an outsourcing website 

  • Post a description of a task that you would like done on a outsourcing website.

It can be a 5 minutes task, a temporary full-time job or anything in between. Make sure that you are very descriptive with what you need done so there is no confusion on the worker's end. 

  • Contractors from around the world will apply for the task or job you have posted.

​People will apply for your job and let you know how much they are willing to work for. At this point you can set up interviews and most of the time test them out to see if they are the right contractor for you.

  • Hire your and manage your contractor.

​Manage your worker and have them keep you updated on their progress. While they are doing their job you can take advantage of the free time and do more important tasks within your marketing campaign.

  • Pay your contactor and leave feedback on his/her work.

When the job is done or they are at a certain milestone and you are satisfied with their work you can send a payment through the secure outsourcing website. If they did not do the job that you described or if you are unsatisfied with their work you do not have to issue them a payment.  Whatever the circumstances are you should always leave feedback on their profile to either recommend their work or to warn others about their unsatisfactory results.

Quick Tips on Outsourcing

1. Know exactly what you need done.

2. Be as descriptive as you can possible be.

3. Interview, Ask for examples of prior experience and read feedback left from previous employers.

4. Manage your contractors periodically to see if the job is getting done efficiently.

5. If a contractor does well always consider hiring them again to save time looking for another worker for the same task.

Are you still on the fence about outsourcing?

A small outsourcing test will barely make a dent in your wallet and will open your eyes to a  whole new world of possibilities. It's free to post a job on most outsourcing sites, so you can get started today. It is important to take baby steps towards paying others to do the small work for you. Few do it, which is another reason many people end up quiting the program before their full potential is reached or they are so overwhelmed that they make little to no money because they do not have time to focus on the core of their marketing.

For any assistance or questions on outsourcing feel free to contact us: support@imnmarketer.com

List of Outsourcing Websites

Fiverr–  Search for micro-jobs from contractors that are willing to complete work for $5. Payment is for the one time only job and handled through Paypal to protect you from scam artist. 

Odesk–  Pay only for verified time spent working for you – Odesk’s Team Room feature allows you to see each of team members activity levels (keyboard and mouse activity), and feedback (Work diary), as well as web cams and screenshots of their computer to make workers more accountable. Payments are based on hours of work or completed jobs.

We will be adding more to this list as we come across great outsourcing sites. If you know any good legit sites let us know and we will add them.

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