Phone Scripts Templates
Phone Scripts Templates

The driving force behind our business is the follow-up phone call to leads that have opted-in to your Instant Money Network capture page. People enter their information to receive more information about this business opportunity so it is your job to give them a call and tell them the basic info or answer any questions they may have. 

Below we have put together a few phone scripts that you can use when speaking to leads over the phone. You do not have to use these scripts verbatim, you can use them as template or you get some ideas and create your own.

Phone Script Template #1

Hi (their name), my name is (Your Name) and I’m calling you in regard to the online ad to which you recently responded.

I see that you looking for a work from home position?

Are you looking for a full time or part time position?

Do you have access to a computer or laptop that has internet access?

(If they answer no, then you say, "Sorry those are the minimum requirements for this position, thanks for your time.")

Great, we have a unique work from home position that is free to get started and provides ongoing online support and training materials.

One quick question: In our ad that you saw, do you recall seeing a link to our orientation video?


Okay.  Do you have a pen?

Take down our website address: (Your Capture page link).

You’ll need about 10 minutes to watch our full job description video.

The video will explain the sign up process and how to start earning money with us within 24 -48 hours.

Are you available to do that now?

OK great.

Let’s schedule ___ am/pm today to do a follow up call to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for time and interest in Instant Money Network/Instant Rewards Network and I hope to be working with you soon!

Phone Script Template #2

Hi (their name,) my name is (your name).  I see that you visited our website and requested more information about Instant Money Network?

Are you free at the moment? You are? OK great!

What I’d like to do is get a little information about you and what you are looking for, give you some basic information about what we do at Instant Money Network and the kind of candidate we’re looking for.

I would like to ask you a few basic questions is that ok?

What kind of work have you done in the past?

Are you looking for something full time or part time?

How many hours can you work each week?

What kind of money are you looking to make?

Do you have access to a computer, tablet or smart phone with internet access?

How quickly are you looking to get started making money with us, if you meet our requirements?

Ok that sounds good and you are a great fit for our company.

I would like to tell you some basic information about our open position:

Our referral agents simply spread the word about various Fortune 500 companies that we represent in an effort to bring potential customers in to try out their products and services.

We don’t actually sell anything for them, will just supply them with leads and they handle the sales part of the transaction.

Most people are already promoting or talking about these companies in their everyday lives in general conversation with their family and friends.

(Below Let Them Answer the questions. if they don’t give the names of companies we are promoting, simply ask them if they have heard of these companies)

When you think about renting a movie, what company do you use? (Netflix, Blockbuster)

When you need something for your house, what large stores do you go to? (Walmart, Target)

When you need to find out what your credit report, what companies do you go to? (Equifax, Transunion,

Here’s the simple difference – when most people talk about or visit these companies, it costs them money. When we talk about these companies and people go try them out, we make money.

The reason why we can pay people to bring in potential customers without selling anything is because Fortune 500 Companies are looking for new ways to find new customers in this economy.

Traditional advertising is not as effective as it was in the past because most people these days DVR their favorite TV Shows, skipping commercials.  Also, more people are listening to satellite and internet radio stations that are commercial free.

These companies are aware that everyone is on the internet using social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. So why not advertise there?

It’s far cheaper than running an ad on national TV or radio and since they only pay if they receive a potential customer they save tons of money.

Here’s how IMN works. We represent Fortune 500 companies that have trial offers for products or services they want potential customers to check out. When someone does a trial for these companies, the companies pay IMN a referral fee, IMN then pays the referral agents part of that referral fee for bringing people in to check out these products or services.

Basically everybody wins, the companies have a chance at potential new customers, IMN makes money, and IMN pays you money for spreading the word,

Does that make sense to you?

If decide to work with us we have a step by step training program for you to follow. We have a support group on Facebook with over 2,000 agents that are helping each other. Someone is almost always available to help answer any questions when you need them, they are also sharing what’s working for them, plus you have me to guide and mentor you. We even have kids as young as 16 yrs old making close to a $1,000 a week.

Does this seem like something that you can do? Excellent,

Here’s what we need to do to get you set up and to begin making money right away. Go back to our website (give them your URL) Click on Step 1 and I’ll help you get started.


(It is a good idea to walk them through completing Instant Rewards Starter and showing them how easy it is. You should be guaranteed $20 at that point. Now you can then either choose to walk them through step 2 or you can tell them to click on step 2 finish the offers and call you back when they are, so you can help them get started with their back office. Ideally you should have people go back and do it themselves. Those that are serious will do this by themselves.)

(If you send them to do it on their own, as we would recommend continue below, if you hold their hand all the way, they are going to wait for you to tell them what to do every step of the way. It’s going to cost you money because you can’t use that time to market or get others started).

Now that you are done with step 1 click on step 2 and continue until you have met your requirements there.  When you are done click step 3 and give me call so I can assist you with setting up your capture page system.

Sound good?

Ok I will be looking to hear from you.  I’ll talk to you later (their name). Bye.

Phone Script Template #3

Hello, my name is (your name). I see that you have recently visited our website because you were interested in making money online. Would you like more information?

Well, we are a company called Instant Money Network that works with Fortune 500 companies who pay out commissions just to get people to try free or cheap trials of their products and services.

One of the best ways to market any product or service is to get people to try it first in the hopes that they will like it and buy it.

People who sign up have no obligation to keep the product or service beyond the trial period,

I myself have been with the company for X amount of time and I've been earning X amount of money.

I’m more than willing to show you how to get started.

We simply just place ads and explain to people how it works. We earn great commissions doing this.

Does this sound like something you can do?


Okay, are you in front of your computer?

(Sit on the phone with them while they sign up so they don’t get bored or lost).

Voice Mail Script Template

Hi, My name is __________ from the Instant Money Network and I’m calling for (their name) I see that you are interested in working for home with our program, if you are still interested please give me a call back during the hours of (your working hours), My phone number is 555-555-5555. again this is (your name) calling from the Instant Money Network and my number is 555-555-5555 thank you and have a wonderful day.

Remember you are not cold calling people, you are calling people who have showed interest in what our program has to offer. Make sure you speak clear, sound relaxed and confident when you are following up with Leads.

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