Creating Proof Pictures

An important tool you need to have in this business is PROOF!
Showing proof of your earnings to a prospective lead can quickly convert them and have them highly motivated to get to work with the program. When creating proof pictures imnmarketer does not condone editing the payout numbers to deceive people in order to get more conversions. This is a dishonest business practice and when discovered it gives this industry a bad name.

Here we will teach you a basic way to take screen shots and upload them to picture host so you are able to post them anywhere you are marketing like Facebook, Twitter, etc. We will go into advance methods like adding arrows and descriptions on your screenshots at a later time.

Step 1.
Open up MS Paint or any other Photo-editing software(we prefer Photoshop) you wish to use. MS Paint is best for simple shots that don’t require any color alteration, however photo-editing software such as Adobe Photoshop can allow you to create professional looking illustrations. You just need to decide how many bells and whistles you need!

ms paint

Step 2.
Choose the screen to capture in your screenshot. This will be screen I’ll use:


Step 3.
When you have the screen in view that you wish to capture, simply press Ctrl + Print Screen(or Prt Scr) on your keyboard. This has effectively taken a ‘snapshot’ of the screen as you see it, and has saved it to your clipboard

Step 4.
Now, simply go back to MS Paint, click Edit and then choose Paste. Your screenshot, in very large fashion, should appear within the MS Paint screen. If not, repeat Step 3 and try again.

Step 5.
Continue to crop, resize, and draw on your newly captured screenshot until you are satisfied. Now, make sure to save your screenshot in whatever format you need.

Stay tuned for Posting Images, coming soon!

If you have any questions regarding creating screen shots feel free to contact:

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