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The Power of the Follow Up Text

In this day and age it is nearly impossible to find someone with a cell phone that does not send or receives text messages. 83 percent of American adults own cell phones and three-quarters of them (73 percent) send and receive text messages so we think it would be safe to say that people use texting as one of their main forms of communication. While 53 percent of people said they prefer voice calls over text, 31 percent said they would rather communicate through text. This information should make a light bulb turn on in your head. “If everyone has a cell phone that sends and receives text and 31 percent of them prefer text while 51 percent of them prefer voice contact why not text my leads when they opt in to my capture page?” Using text to initiate a follow up can help you establish a time to call the ones who prefer voice conversation with a simple text and you can answer questions and walk-through the people who prefer text communication.

Sample Texting Templates

Here is a perfect text to send out right after they have filled in the opt-in box on your page and they are watching the overview video explaining the program. This follow up text lets them know that they can contact you with any questions they may have or they can get assistance getting started if need be:

“Hey (name of lead), thanks for visiting our site, my name is (your name) and I will be your sponsor for IMN. If you have any questions or need help getting started please let me know. Thanks again”

There will ultimately come a time where you are going to be busy doing other things and will not be able to contact your leads immediately after they opt-in. Even though we always advise to contact your leads as soon as possible, we also understand that sometimes you may be tied up with other business commitments. Here is a follow up text that you can send to leads that you may have missed while you were busy:

“Hey (name of lead),this is (your name) from IMN(or Instant Money Network). Did you get your system up and running yet or did you need any help? I’m available right now if you have any questions. Feel free to text me or give me a call, thanks.”

This text message template below is for leads that visit your capture page, opt-in, watch the overview video and proceed to sign up to instant rewards but do not go past that point. Most of the time these leads understood the sign up process but were confused about how to move forward. Sending a follow up text can persuade them to get answers to questions they may have had:

“Hey (name of lead), (your name) from Instant Money Network. I see that you created your account with Instant Rewards but didn’t finish the full process. Did you need help getting started or do you have any questions? Im available anytime so feel free to contact me.”

Many times you will have leads that just opt in and do not respond to your follow up email, call or text. We like to call these cold leads. Even though you may think you should throw away their contact information because they did not respond, you should do the total opposite and put these leads into a designated group marked “cold leads”. The value in this group of leads is you assuming that they didn’t respond to you because they were either busy or your message was lost or buried in the ton of other messages that people receive on a daily basis. Here is a text message template that you can send to this group of leads maybe twice a week until you receive a response from them either telling you they want to know more about the program or they are no longer interested. This cold lead method can produce 2-5 conversions a week from our experience.

“Hey (name of lead) this is (your name) from Instant Money Network. I was wondering if you were still interested in the opportunity. If you are, feel free to contact me anytime today. ttyl”

Now Start Texting!

Follow up texting is a very powerful way to initiate contact with potential leads. Even though it may not convert as well as a follow up call when used solely by itself, it can open up a dialogue that can lead to a phone contact and walking a potential through the program. Follow up texting can also take the edge off calling someone you don’t know.

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