Free 1-800 Number for 30 Days

Having a dedicated business line is a must for Instant Rewards for many different reasons.

A number that is used solely for our business can help you stay organized by knowing the nature of the call before you pick up. You can also choose the hours that you will receive calls, giving you peace during your much needed personal time.

In our Instant Rewards basic training we have you set up a Google Voice number which is great free tool for Instant Rewards but the only downside of a Google Voice number is that it has to be a local number.

Local numbers are totally fine when marketing with us but can put some small restrictions on where you market. A perfect example is you are placing an ad in Miami, you add your contact number for leads to call but the Google voice number is in California. Yes you will still receive calls but some potential leads might loose interest because they will see the number is not local.

Yes it is possible to just create a local number for every city that you place ads but that can get very messy and unorganized. A simple solution for this is an 800 number.

1-800 numbers are looked at as professional and tear down the walls of being restricted to only posting in the local area of your Google voice number.

Having your own 800 number will definitely raise the volume of calls from leads by giving you that professional appearance in ads and will also allow you to post in more cities and states without potentially loosing the interest of the local people who are viewing your advertisements.

If you are interested in raising your conversions with the Instant Rewards program, which you should being a newbie, consider looking into getting a free 800 number for 30 days to test out below:

Let’s Get Started !!!

Go to our exclusive offer for your 1-800 number here

Click the “START YOUR FREE MONTH” button to begin the sign up process.


Pick Your Plan !!!

Remember this is a 30 day FREE trial and you will not be charged anything at this point but if you choose to keep your number after the 30 days you will pay the amount of the plan that you choose today.

For newbies we recommend that you choose the Professional Plan for $12.99/month and upgrade later if your call volumes increases dramatically.


Choose Your Number !!!

Select a toll free Prefix(800, 888, etc.) and choose a number that is available in the bottom box.

(NOTE: Sometimes the “800” numbers will be not be available, if this occurs then choose a different prefix, 888, 877 etc. These have the same effectiveness as the plain 800 numbers)

When you are done choosing your desired number scroll down and click


Fill Out Your Account Info !!!

Fill out all of your information in the required fields.

In the phone number field make sure that you put in a number where you would like your calls routed.

This is just for initial set-up and can be changed anytime later.

In the “How did you hear about us” you can put in “Referral”.

Click NEXT and proceed!

Almost Done !!!

Fill in your billing details.

Read and agree to the terms.


Congratulations you are almost done setting up your your own toll-free number to advertise with Instant Rewards!

Next you should see the screen below:

Click SET UP YOUR ACCOUNT and continue on with the set up process.

On this screen you can choose different upgrades that you can try out free during your 30 day trial period.

Note that you will be paying for these if you decide to keep your number after the trial period ends.

We recommend that you just click NO THANKS, Continue and proceed to the next screen below.

Here they are asking you if you would like to set up your phone extensions, luckily you will not need to do that at this time.

Click I DON’T NEED PHONE EXTENSIONS and proceed to the screen below.

Here you should create your password for your 800 number account and a voicemail greeting that you would like callers to hear when they call.

You can copy the one in the picture above verbatim or you can come up with your own. If you are not sure what you want as a greeting do not worry this can be added or changed later.

When you are done click SAVE PROFILE SETTINGS and proceed to the screen pictured below.

For best use of your 800 number please copy the settings we have above.

Double check that you have the same settings and then click SAVE CALL HANDLING SETTINGS and proceed to the next step pictured below.

At this point you have completed your full set up of your 800 number.

You can leave the two questions that they ask here blank and click COMPLETE SETUP.

Congratulations, you officially have your own 1-800 number for your business!
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