Top Free Classified Ad Sites

Top 20 Free Classified Ad Sites 2013


We have compiled a list of the best high traffic sites that accept free classified ads submissions.

These are the top US Classifieds websites as of April 2013.

Classified ads are probably the most common source where the unemployed look for new jobs, these people are a major part of our target market. 

You should post 2-3 ads on each one of the Classified sites that appear on this list daily for at least a week and track which sites generate the most leads to your Instant Money Network capture page. You can then optimize and discontinue posting on the ones that do not return a sufficient amount of leads and scale up on the sites that do.

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Be sure to share this information with your downline by sending them to this page.

Also if you have any more classified ad sites with high traffic that you want to share feel free to contact us and we will update the list with your submission.

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