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What is Traffic Exchange?
By now we are sure you have heard the term “Traffic Exchange”, but what exactly is it? Well traffic exchange in a nutshell is another free way to get waves of traffic to your capture page. Traffic Exchange is a service you can sign up to that requires you to browse other peoples websites in exchange for those same people browsing your website/capture page. Usually there is some sort of exchange rate, for example: for every two sites you visit-one will visit yours. With traffic exchange services there is usually a certain page that you will use to browse the sites. Some exchange services have a feature called auto-surf that will flip through the sites for you and others require you to click on sort of a remote control type banner to change the pages, these are called manual. Some traffic exchanges will give you free hits for signing up,sometimes 1,000, 5,000, or even 10,000 free hits to your website. Sadly those that promise tons of free hits often don’t work well. Manual traffic exchanges do not give away as many free hits as the automatic ones but many will give you a daily bonus in free hits just for signing in.

If you decide to try traffic exchanges there are a few things you need to know.
As with any type of surfing you will want to protect yourself. We highly recommend having good antivirus/spyware software when using traffic exchanges. Also be aware of the some of the websites that you are browsing on the exchange are scams and you should use your best judgment when you come across a site and you want to either purchase something or join a program. Last, traffic exchanges are great for generating traffic and most of the people who use them are just like you, in the niche of marketing. Exchanges require a user to stay on a site for a set amount of time so there is a good chance that another marketer will see your page and choose to sign up.


– You are guarenteed traffic to your website. +/- 1300 views to your website in this scenario.
– All the views will be unique.
– You will see an increase in opt ins.
– More page views equals higher conversions.


– It is very time consuming
– Most of the users are not interested in what you have to offer and just want to get traffic.
– Traffic drops significantly when you stop using the traffic exchange.


Remember, there is no harm in having more visitors come to your page. The worst that can happen is that you get more visitors. The best that can happen is you receive leads and sign ups. Try traffic exchanges out for a week and see if it is worth the time you have to put in.

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