Setting up your Google Voice Number
Setting up your Google Voice Number

Here is a simple lesson on how to set up your dedicated Google voice number.

Things You Will Need For this Lesson

– A dedicated Gmail account (more about dedicated email here)

– A valid phone number to activate your Google voice number.

– A phone that you feel comfortable taking business calls on.

Lets Get Started

Step 1.

Log into your dedicated Gmail account.

Step 2.

Go to google voice and click “I want a new number”

Step 3.

Choose the area code that you want for your Google voice number.

Step 4.

Choose your number and click continue

Step 5.

Enter a new pin, confirm and then press continue.

Step 6.

Input the phone number that you want the calls to be forwarded to and click continue.

After you press continue Google will ask you to verify that the forwarding number is your phone by calling and having you input a code.

After confirming you should get this:

Congratulations You Have Set Up You Dedicated Phone Line For Business

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We will be showing you these advanced features in Google voice

-Setting up a professional voice mail.

-Routing business calls to your personal phone only at certain hours.

-Manage Voicemail and Text Messages Through Email.

For any questions regarding setting up an dedicated google voice phone line feel free to contact:

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