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Welcome and thank you for your interest in Instant Rewards

Let us take a second and fill you in about Instant Rewards and then answer some of the most frequently asked questions. We hope this information helps to answer a few of your questions and maybe ease your concerns, if any about our company.

What is Instant Rewards and what exactly do we do?

Instant Rewards is a CPA marketing company where you get paid to get people to try out different trial offers from our client  companies. Some are Fortune 500 companies and some are small start ups trying to get their names out there. 

Many times companies go to great lengths to acquire new customers to try their products and one proven method is to offer potential customers free or low cost trials to their products or services.

I know you have all heard the songs from the FREECREDITSCORE.COM commercial and might remember them when you have the need to look up your credit scores or credit report. The same thing goes for Olive Garden and other restaurants when you receive coupons in the mail. The only difference is, if you remembered FreeCreditScore.com and told someone to sign up for it, you wouldn’t get a commission for  doing that,  only the marketing company would get paid, In this situation Instant Rewards is the marketing company and you get paid!

With Instant Rewards you make money for referring people to check out different offers from different sites, many of them free or a low cost. Many of our agents personally have found some great sites and programs that they would have never found if it wasn’t for participating in Instant Rewards.
What are the cost?

To get started with Instant Reward you must first complete your offers requirements. You are not obligated to buy or keep any of the offers you try. Once you have completed your offer requirements, you are then qualified to start referring people yourself. How much you get paid per referral depends on how many trial offers you are willing to complete. Most begin with our Starter level of commissions which is $20 per completed referral and it usually only takes one offer to complete which will most likely be free if you choose certain offers.
How am I paid?  

When you sign up for Instant Rewards you are asked to choose between being paid via PayPal (within 24 hours) and Bank Checks (3-5 business days). After someone has completed their offer requirments through your link, you will be able to submit your request for payment. Instant Rewards pays out your earned commissions daily or even multiple times a day if you have multiple orders. We also have a downline earnings program in place where you will get paid a 5% commission on all of your referrals payouts. We have implemented this feature as an incentive to our agents and to motivate them to properly train the people that they sign up in order to make even more money with us.

Learn More About Our Downline Earnings Program
I don’t think anyone will do this…

You will be surprised that there are many people who search for ways to earn extra money online every day. If you are new to internet marketing, Instant Rewards has an extensive training website that you can use to learn basic, intermediate and advanced marketing techniques. There are virtually thousands of websites that you can advertise on free of charge to generate leads to your business and we supply a list of the top sites on the training site .We also supply you with free text and image ads to use on classified ad sites along with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. We are not selling anything, so as long as people understand how we work and how the money is generated they will give us a try.
How does this work with taxes?

At the end of the year you will receive a 1099 form from Instant Rewards (if you meet the requirements). A 1099 form is similar to a w-2 that people receive at the end of the year listing their total earned income. The only difference is it wil not show any deductions because as a freelance referral agent we do not take any taxes from your payouts. A simple tip for keeping your taxes in order is to withhold 20% of your earnings, set it to the side and pay taxes quarterly. 
How do I get started?

Get with the person who showed you this letter so they will help you get started and get you set up. If you are having a hard time idententifying who your sponsor is, please refer to the article on this page. 

If you have landed here on your own you can sign up directly with Instant Money Network and a sponsor will be assigned to you shortly.
-Welcome to the Team and best of luck toward your success!-

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