Basics: Your Sponsor

When you first join the Instant Rewards Network it can feel synonymous to being a newborn baby.

What we do in our industry can only be considered common knowledge by seasoned internet marketing veterans so do not feel ashamed if you are confused or lost.

Before you begin you are going to want to contact your sponsor. 

Your sponsor should officially introduce you to the program and help you get set up so you can start marketing.

There are multiple ways to locate your Instant Rewards sponsor but the best way is to log-in into your Instant Rewards account and scroll down (you should be on your status page, click the status tab at the top to make sure.)

One way is to check the email auto-response that you received when you opted into Instant Money Network. Locate the email and scroll to the bottom. Your sponsors contact information can be located there. You can also try to contact them by replying to that email. Do not feel like you are disturbing them, they are there to help you get started. If you did not receive a welcome email or simply can not locate it, you can send a support ticket to Instant Rewards support department and they will happily give you your sponsors email.

Resources to Locate Your Sponsor

IMN Facebook Support Group

IMN Support Department

Instant Rewards Support Department

If you still have trouble locating your sponsor feel free to contact us at

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